Pressing Through

Blessed are they who keep pressing and pressing through…their faith to prove and their strength to renew…for they will not die but learn to fly…and furthermore, to soar.  (Isaiah 40:31 – IMOW)

When the caterpillar thought that she would surely die…when she had no more strength or will to try… she found her wings and began to fly…and furthermore, to soar. That’s what her pressing through…all along… was for. For the caterpillar to become the beautiful butterfly she is intended to be, it takes a lot of work, but It is in the pressing through that she gets her wings and is able to fly.

The Caterpillar didn’t know what else to do, except to keep pressing through. She never stopped to question why, but felt within her that she had to try…and try…and try… if she ever hoped to fly.

What the Caterpillar has to do, for you and me is also true…keep pressing and pressing and pressing through… through the darkness…pressing…through the hardness…pressing…through the doubting…pressing on and on and on.. until you’ve made it through…until you see the light…and by the Power who has guided you…are ready to take flight.

That’s what faith allows us, or rather compels us to do…to keep pressing on until we’ve made it through…even when we cannot reason or see…so that we may become all…or come to the place we were meant to be.

“We want each of you to show this same diligence to the very end, so that what you hope for may be fully realized.” (Hebrews 6:11 NIV)


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